School Resource Officer


Deputy Aaron "Boston" Reynolds

In emergency situations please dial 911.

The South Pemiscot School District in conjunction with the Pemiscot County Sheriff’s Office have assigned a School Resource Officer (SRO) at South Pemiscot School District (SPS). The School Resource Officer is present and performs various tasks throughout the school year to ensure the safety of our district. The SRO performs three main tasks.

  • Law Enforcement Officer- the SPS SRO is a commissioned Deputy through the State of Missouri and responds and investigates any criminal violations that happen on or relate to school property.

  • Teacher Resource- the SPS SRO serves as a resource to teachers in the classroom and offers resources related to law education, drug and alcohol awareness, and crime prevention tools.

  • Mentor- The last duty of the SPS SRO is informal counselor/mentor. This resource allows students and parents to receive support in life conflicts and guidance pertaining to life decisions.

Reporting Crime or Suspicious Activity

The South Pemiscot School District and the Pemiscot County Sheriff’s Office strive to prevent and respond to crime within the schools. Students, Parents, and Staff are highly encouraged to be a part of this prevention by reporting criminal and suspicious activity to the SPS SRO or Administration.