East Elementary


Letter from the Assistant principal

Dear Parents, Students and Community,

Welcome to East Elementary! We are located within the South Pemiscot R-5 School District where approximately one hundred students attend each year. We are the foundation for many students within the area as we provide an all-day Preschool program, as well as Kindergarten. Our staff provides a positive learning environment where students are comfortable to enjoy the beginning stages of their learning experiences at South Pemiscot. We strive to provide reachable expectations in order for our students to be and feel successful while also ensuring high levels of learning for all.

Communication with parents, students, and a multitude of other community stakeholders is very important to our success as a small, yet strong community. Our staff here at East appreciates all of the love and support we receive on a daily basis from our teachers, parents, and families. It takes all of us working together to make East Elementary a great place to begin an education!


Brandy Griggs

Assistant Principal, South Pemiscot Elementary